Is Face Yoga the New Alternative to Botox?



Is Face Yoga the New Alternative to Botox?

Making funny faces is something many of us used to do as kids. And rightly so, it’s considered a ‘childish’ activity. But there are many adults making funny faces too these days — all in the name of beauty.


Ever heard of Face Yoga? It’s one of the latest fads in anti-aging techniques and many doctors are baffled as to why. Maybe it’s all the celebrity endorsements. Maybe people got bored with the standard ‘Downward Dog’ so they needed to create ‘The Owl’ instead. Or perhaps it’s just a money-making scheme for an activity that has traditionally been cheap.

Whatever the reasoning behind this latest trend, many cosmetic experts remain skeptical over its effectiveness.

The theory behind Face Yoga is that you can virtually “wipe away” wrinkles through the use of massage-like techniques. These “special” movements will supposedly encourage the production of collagen, thus smoothing away fine lines and giving you that flawless glow.

But it’s not just medical doctors that are skeptical of Face Yoga. Traditional Yogis are also sounding the alarm. Many of them are insulted that the pushers of Face Yoga have corrupted the ancient art that has brought depth and awareness to civilizations around the world. And understandably, it’s hard to master the meditative aspects of yoga when you’re aggressively pulling at all parts of your face.

But consider that some Face Yoga “experts” are making nearly $100 for a 20-minute session that teaches you how to “wipe away” those wrinkles. Your money could be better spent elsewhere. With more effective results.

Botox is still seen worldwide as one of the best anti-aging solutions out there. Its benefits are proven — unlike the so-called “benefits” of Face Yoga. You’d probably have to make funny faces for a good 10 years to see any noticeable results. And even that’s a stretch. (No pun intended!)

The advantages of botox remain credible, and you don’t have to wait a lifetime for them to kick in:

  • Dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly
  • Can prolong the onset of aging when used as a preventative measure
  • No downtime associated with botox because it is less invasive than other cosmetic procedures

Many medical doctors will tell you to resist falling into the hype trap of Face Yoga.

As with all fads, its biggest proponents are out there to take money from those who should know better. Instead, speak to a licensed cosmetic surgeon who can offer credible advice on the best anti-aging solution for you.

July 31, 2014

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