Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men



Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and affordable every day. It’s no longer just a procedure for celebrities and millionaires, and it’s most definitely no longer just for women.

Cosmetic Surgeries For Men

Modern men care about the way they present themselves to the world, and while they may age more gracefully than women, they still could use a bit of help from the proverbial fountain of youth.

There are many cosmetic surgeries out there for men. Here are a few of the most popular ones:


Although previously considered exclusively for women, more and more men are undergoing plastic surgery. Many men report using surgery as a way of enhancing their career opportunities in the corporate world. The 3-Day Facelift is the perfect way for men to gain this youthful look without the down time that you can get with other facelift surgeries.

Chin Implants

Men want to look masculine, and nothing says man quite like a strong jaw line.

Chin implants are gaining popularity thanks to actors like Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, and Arnold Schwarzenegger modeling what a strong chin can look like. This can be achieved either by surgically moving the jaw forward, or by getting chin implants.

The silicone implants are inserted through a small incision in the chin or through the base of the gum line to avoid external scarring. The whole procedure takes about an hour and will likely last a lifetime as long as the implant holds up. Much like breast implants, the only need for replacing the implant would be damage.


One surgical procedure in extremely high demand is liposuction, which is not a surprise. The pressure to stay trim and fit is increasing every day and it no longer just applies to women.

Our high-stress jobs mixed with high-fat food intake and busy lifestyles make keeping in shape almost impossible. More and more men are opting for lipo as an alternative to flabby skin and unwanted love handles.

For this procedure, a couple of tiny punctures are made in the skin for cannulas to be inserted so they can remove excess fat totaling up to 11lbs at a time.


Since men are typically more aggressively active than women, they have a higher likelihood of acquiring sports injuries. Many of these injuries are on the nose, causing septum deviation, sleep deprivation, and generally creating an aesthetically unpleasant facial centre.

A nose job can do a lot to re-build the symmetry in your face (which, as humans, we instinctively find more attractive) as well as to open up the eyes.

Other surgeries popular with men include having bags under the eyes removed, ears pinned back, hair transplants, and laser surgery to help stop snoring. In the race to be the fairest of them all, there’s no going too far to look your best, whether you’re a man or a woman!

October 16, 2014

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