Will Getting Pregnant Change the Look of my Breast Implants?



Will Getting Pregnant Change the Look of my Breast Implants?

In today’s world, it’s not unreasonable to want it all: beauty, brains, a career, and a family. But is having everything really an option? We all know that a woman’s body changes after a pregnancy, but how much will the process affect the look of breasts? And what if those breasts have been previously enhanced by a cosmetic surgeon?

Pregnancy & Breast Implants

It’s normal for your breast size to naturally increase during your pregnancy as your body prepares to lactate upon the arrival of your bundle of joy. How much bigger your breasts will get depends on a variety of factors, from your weight, to your diet, to your genetics.

Once you finish breast-feeding, your breasts will get smaller again because the milk glands will dry. This is the most common result, however it’s not unheard of for a woman’s breasts to get bigger or have no change in size at all.

For a good indication of how you’re going to react, ask your mother or your grandmother what happened to them after they gave birth. Genetics play a big part in how your body reacts to things like pregnancy, so having insight into how it affected their bodies can prepare you for what might happen to yours.

Pregnancy itself will have no effect on your implants, so there’s no need to worry about that. Typically the implant will stay firmly in position, although submuscular implants have a greater chance of sagging than subglandular implants, because they tend to ride a little higher.

However, as your breasts fill with milk, the skin stretches. And as your body ceases to produce milk, the skin will shrink. This can cause changes in how augmented (or “perky”) your breasts are, depending on your age and level of fitness. You may need to consider a breast lift in the future to deal with excess skin or sagging breasts.

Every woman’s pregnancy is different, from morning sickness to weight gain to the look of breasts after giving birth. Adjusting your breasts should be the last thing you worry about after getting back into shape and losing the baby weight. Your skin may naturally bounce back into the state it was before having children or you may need a little assistance, but the chances of you having to re-do your implant surgery are extremely minimal.

Just as any car needs a good tune-up from time to time, your body may need a few repeat visits to the doctor to stay in top condition. Wait to book your breast lift surgery until after you’ve finished having children and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at what a difference a little skin tuck can make!

November 28, 2014

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