Mommy Makeover: The Most Common Procedures



Mommy Makeover: The Most Common Procedures

A mommy makeover is a group of surgical procedures done to restore your body after pregnancy. Each procedure targets one area of the body that has changed due to hormone imbalances, breastfeeding and carrying a child. You can get one procedure as part of your makeover or several. It depends on what your needs are.

Mommy Makeover

If you’re thinking about having a mommy makeover done, these are the most common procedures:


Liposuction is a very popular mommy makeover procedure because it can be done on many areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, breasts, upper arms and buttocks. This is not a weight loss procedure, but a procedure done to remove excess fat that is not responding to diet and exercise. You will need to lose most if not all of the baby weight before you can undergo liposuction.

Breast lift, augmentation or reduction

Pregnancy changes the shape of your breasts. Breastfeeding in particular can alter the way your breasts look since the skin and muscles may not spring back to what they were before you had a child. A breast lift can tighten underlying muscles and raise your breasts to a perkier, more comfortable position. Breast augmentation can also help restore your breasts by adding any volume that was lost during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Augmentation can be done with Health Canada–approved saline or silicone implants. On the contrary, some women experience enlarged breasts during pregnancy, which can lead to back and neck problems. A breast reduction can treat this issue by excising fat and tissue from the breasts to create more pleasing contours and a smaller chest.

Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure done to repair the loose, stretched-out skin resulting from pregnancy. Most mommy makeovers encompass tummy tucks because they can restore the stomach area by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin. Sometimes this procedure is coupled with liposuction for optimal results. After an abdominoplasty you’ll have a toned, taut stomach.

Arm, thigh and buttock lifts

Once you’ve lost the baby weight, you may notice that your arms, thighs and buttocks sag. Depending on where you carried your pregnancy weight (besides your abdomen), a mommy makeover can entail buttock, thigh and arm lifts. These involve tightening the muscles and removing excess skin from the area being treated.

If you’re thinking of undergoing a mommy makeover, please contact us. We can rejuvenate your body and restore it to what it was pre-pregnancy.

October 9, 2017

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