How To Determine The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon For You



How To Determine The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon For You

Rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure that many Canadians undergo every year. Sometimes referred to as a nose job, rhinoplasty must be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

How to determine the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon for you

In order to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you, do the following:

Review their credentials

All surgeons who perform rhinoplasty in the country must be certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Surgeons who wish to practice in Canada must be board-certified in either Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology (surgeries of the ears, nose and throat). When searching for the best rhinoplasty surgeon, credentials are key because they let you know that the doctor is able to understand the functional and cosmetic aspects of nasal surgery.

Ask about schooling and training

The best rhinoplasty surgeon will have completed their schooling to receive comprehensive training before opening their practice. If you’re considering a doctor that is fresh out of school and has just received their certification, ask to contact doctors that mentored them and can vouch for their ability. Surgeons who have been in practice for a long time have enough training but you should still ask where they went to school what hospital they trained at.

Study before and after photos

When you visit a plastic surgeon or look at their website, peruse before and after photos. Do the results look good? Are they realistic or do the people look like cartoon characters?

Read testimonials

Most surgeons have testimonials on their website for you to read. If not, ask them if you can contact former patients.

Cleanliness of office

When looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon, look for a clean office. Having a few papers piled up on your desk is one thing but an office that looks like a tornado ran through it isn’t a good sign.

Trust your gut

If you don’t click with a potential surgeon, they’re not the surgeon for you. Doctors, no matter their speciality, should possess excellent bedside manner. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable during your consultation, it’s not worth letting them perform your surgery. You have to trust the surgeon because this is a life-changing procedure (for the better) and you don’t want any uneasiness regarding the doctor. If your gut says “no”, then move on to the next plastic surgeon.

The best rhinoplasty surgeon for you is out there. To learn more about our procedures, call us today at 866-731-0431 or contact us here.

June 30, 2018

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