When Did Blake Lively Get Her Nose Job?



When Did Blake Lively Get Her Nose Job?

Blake Lively has had a very successful acting career since she turned 11when she first appeared in the film “Sandman,” which was directed by her father.

Blake Lively

Blake has always been very beautiful, with an exceptional figure and stunning blonde hair. Recently she has claimed that she has never had plastic surgery, and while some her fans take her on her word, many websites that specialise in celebrity cosmetic surgery, as well as some of those in gossip and fashion, were quick to point out the difference in Blake’s appearance from her early 20s to more recent years.

The nose job

The actress and model has often claimed that her looks and body shape are entirely the result of exercise and a good metabolism, but the new look of her nose is quite noticeable, as many internet experts claim, posting alleged before and after surgery photos. Before, she had a wider and flatter nose, but now there’s a slimmed, pointed, and elegant nose that could only have been achieved through a nose job (rhinoplasty).

The internet experts also claim that she has had a number of other plastic surgery procedures from the time she started her career, including breast augmentation. Rumours on the Hollywood streets suggest that Blake got her most recent nose job in 2013.

Looking at her supposed before and after rhinoplasty surgery photos, it’s clear to see that Lively chose an extraordinarily talented surgeon. Because the nose job was nicely done, it perfectly matches her flat face and compliments her already striking looks.

Blake’s nose job is among the simplest cosmetic procedures ever made in Hollywood. Her face didn’t change much, and her new nose now looks better with her face. Some sceptics have said that she was too young to start having cosmetic surgery procedures, but facial enhancements like this that help with both appearance and self-esteem are common with teenagers.

Blake is likely to have more plastic surgery procedures after her pregnancy to correct her form, as many celebrities have before her. Most recently like Kim Kardashian did after giving birth to North West.

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March 28, 2016

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