7 Fans Who Have Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Their Favourite Celebrities



7 Fans Who Have Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Their Favourite Celebrities

Nearly everyone has a celebrity out there that they absolutely adore because of their acting, music or dazzling looks. Although for most of those fans, adoration is where the line stops. Although they often appreciate their talent or their beauty, it’s uncommon for most people to feel the need to look exactly like him/her.

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However, there are some crazy fans that feel the need to go an extra mile and spend thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery to look like their favourite celebrity. From facelifts and liposuction to cheek and breast implants, here is a look at some of these celebrity worshippers and crazed fans:

  • Mikki Jay – Michael JacksonMikki Jay is better known as Britain’s first female Michael Jackson impersonator; she spent 8,000 pounds on two nose jobs, two cheek implants, and a chin shave. This is quite little considering that the King of Pop had spent thousands on cosmetic surgery before his demise, but is still excessive for the average music lover.
  • Tobias Strebel – Justin BieberMesmerised by Bieber’s spatial framing, full temple, full cheeks, and full luscious lips, as well as his bangs and a full head of hair, 35 year old Tobias (now deceased) spent $100,000 on plastic surgery procedures to look like his favourite celebrity.
  • Jordan James Parke – Kim KardashianIt is not surprising that some women, and men, would do anything to look like the most famous reality star in the world, Kim Kardashian. 23 year old James Parke spent a whooping £100,000 on 50 lip-filling operations, Botox injections, eyebrow tattoos, and even laser hair removal. He would probably have spent a lot more had the surgeons not refused to operate on him any further.
  • Ashley Horn – Lindsay LohanShe is one of the few people who have actually managed to obtain a look that closely resembles their favourite celebrity, probably because she is her half-sister. Ashley spent $25,000 in cosmetic surgery to look more like Lindsay.
  • Sam Barton – Joey EssexSomething about Joey’s acting on TOWIE must have really appealed to Sam Barton and forced him into bankruptcy after splashing £100,000 on surgery and a lavish, celebrity-like lifestyle. The former barman spent £20,000 on dental work, £10,400 on a nose job, and £5,000 on Botox.
  • Nadya Suleman – Angelina JolieNadya sprang to fame after she opened her own TV show following her delivery of octuplets. Beyond that, she is known to have had rhinoplasty and lip augmentation to look a little more like Angelina Jolie.
  • Crystal U – Britney SpearsIn an effort to look like the Queen of Pop, Crystal spend $25,000 on rhinoplasty, breast implants, lip injections, and fat grafts in her cheeks. Satisfied with her look, she decided to become an exotic dancer, making money from impersonating Britney.

There are many more people who have undergone plastic surgery to look like celebrities, but the cost and trouble does not always pay off. If you’re looking to enhance your looks, your surgeon will know what will best suit your face and, while that may not be exactly what your favourite celebrity has, it will perfectly compliment your look.

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March 21, 2016

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