Can Bad Plastic Surgery Be Fixed?



Can Bad Plastic Surgery Be Fixed?

While the hope is always that every client will walk away from their plastic surgery procedure loving their new look and feeling more confident than ever, this is unfortunately not always the case. There are some cases where patients are not happy with their results, which can understandably be extremely stressful. The bright side is that almost all bad results can be fixed with corrective plastic surgery.

Can Bad Plastic Surgery Be Fixed?

Some of the most common corrective plastic surgeries include botched nose jobs, bad eye lifts, misplaced chin implants, asymmetric breast augmentation and facelifts that have been pulled too tight. Of course, there are many other surgical procedures that can leave patients feeling unhappy and self-conscious as well. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not happy with your results, here are our suggestions on what you can do.

Don’t Panic

Whatever you do, try not to panic. If you think you have had bad plastic surgery, the very first thing you should do is contact the surgeon who performed the procedure. They will probably want to make an appointment with you so that they can see the results for themselves. They are the expert, and as they have most likely done this specific procedure multiple times in the past, they will be able to help. If there is an issue, they will walk you through all your options, including corrective plastic surgery.

The Healing Process

In some cases, your surgeon might be able to recognize that it is not bad plastic surgery at all, but the results you are looking for are not showing because of the healing process. Just like no two people are the same, no two surgeries or healing processes after surgery are the same either. It is possible that the results you wanted aren’t showing because the healing process is taking longer than initially expected, or it is not complete yet.

Regardless of whether or not the progress of your healing is to blame for unsatisfactory results, you should always make an appointment to check in with your surgeon should you have any concerns.

Corrective Surgery

However, if your surgeon tells you that the issue isn’t related to the healing process, there are corrective plastic surgery measures you can take to fix the issue. Oftentimes, bad plastic surgery is a result of common complications combined with poor follow-up. They will be able to walk you through what corrective plastic surgery you can have in order to remedy the situation.

Some surgeons might shy away from any kind of revision work, as it can be more difficult and present challenges beyond primary plastic surgery. The reason the degree of difficulty is increased is because of the presence of scar tissue as well as a lack of “material” to work with. This is usually due to surgeons being extremely aggressive in some procedures or by doing too many procedures in a single operation. For example, tummy tucks done at the same time as liposuction too aggressively can jeopardize the blood supply to your lower abdomen. This can result in the wound healing poorly or, in the worst cases, tissue death.

Your surgeon may wish to rectify the situation themselves. It’s important to remember that even the most experienced plastic surgeons can have complications during their procedures. More often than not, if you are unhappy with your results they would be more than willing to correct the issue, often free of charge depending on their services. They will know how you heal as well as the ins and outs of your first surgery. However, if you are feeling uncomfortable undergoing surgery with the same surgeon, you have every right to seek out someone new for your corrective plastic surgery.

Finding a New Surgeon

In cases where you feel as if speaking with your original surgeon has been extremely unhelpful and you still feel as if you have had bad plastic surgery, you should seek a second opinion. Make sure you do your research and choose your surgeon carefully; you don’t want to undergo corrective plastic surgery only to dislike the results once again.

It is a good idea to find a surgeon who specializes in either the exact kind of cosmetic surgery that you had or extensive experience with corrective plastic surgery. It is oftentimes not just a cosmetic procedure but is reconstructive by nature as it may require innovative techniques to solve certain problems. Make sure you do thorough research before selecting your new surgeon, part of which can be done during your initial consultation. We have compiled a list of the 10 most important questions you should ask your plastic surgeon before undergoing surgery for that exact reason.

Do you believe you have had bad plastic surgery and want to know more about your options? McLean Clinic can help! Contact us today to book a consultation.

July 22, 2019

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