K-Beauty Plastic Surgery Trends of 2019



K-Beauty Plastic Surgery Trends of 2019

There are plenty of plastic surgery types across the globe, but Korea houses the highest amount of these procedures of any country — ever. With that in mind, it probably comes as no surprise that K-Beauty plastic surgery trends are dominating the industry this year.

Cherry Lips

South Korea, in particular, has made this injectable plastic surgery become a real trend. They named it ‘cherry lips’ which is a truly adorable name for something which could be rather painful but, the name isn’t this just for the sake of cuteness, it relates to the shape that their filler creates.

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Koreans decided that, instead of enjoying the overfilled lips like many westerners, they preferred a more natural volume and dimension.

How do these surgeons do this?

Well, they focus purely on the middle area of your lips. Since this is the case, the end result is like looking at two cherries hanging side by side, horizontally from each other. It does look lovely; we have to say.

As most Koreans have a desire to appear younger for longer, the cherry lips enable them to do this as the appearance they give off is certainly more youthful.

Don’t fret, if you want to achieve this look, you don’t have to travel all the way to South Korea; plastic surgery in Mississauga can give you this too.

Lift Edge Filler

This one comes from a desire to get rid of the somewhat grumpy, unapproachable look a lot of people naturally carry around — due to no fault of their own of course, it is just down to an individual’s genetic makeup.

The procedure involves lifting up the edges of your lips (hence the name) so it appears that you are constantly smiling. Far more approachable and friendly, right?

Cosmetic surgeons who perform this procedure use hyaluronic acid filler and inject it into the outside corners of the lips. They make sure to position the needle in an upward position so the filler is encouraged to flood up and not down (which would create the opposite effect).

Normally, those people who would want this surgery are looking to correct asymmetrical mouths or drooping edges that can result in a consistently frowny or sad-looking face.

Like with all cosmetic procedures, there are side effects. The swelling, for example, tends to last for two or three days and, tiny red bumps can be seen straight after the filler has been injected. Sometimes, serious complications can occur like scarring and a decline in your skin quality. So, maybe think before you fill — at least have a proper consultation or five first.

Double Eyelid Surgery

The Korean society as a whole is obsessed with how they appear to everyone else as it raises their status in social constructs, helps them score a better job, enables them to find the right partner for them and allows them to raise their income.

People always say that “eyes are the windows to your soul” and thus, they are what makes a lasting first impression.

A lot of South Koreans naturally have heavier eyelids or monolids (this means there is no crease) and, across the nation, this has been seen as an unattractive, or less desirable feature. So, in order to correct this, an impressive number of individuals have undergone surgery to correct this.

The surgery is far more intrusive than lip fillers. The doctor has to pierce holes across the eyelid which they then stitch up to form the double lid. Koreans do not see this as a major operation at this point time, they merely consider it to be a small cosmetic procedure.

Thankfully, the recovery period is pretty quick, plus the cost is fairly low compared to other plastic surgeries. In addition, this provides a truly dramatic end result with the least amount of invasion possible.

Barbie Nose Rhinoplasty

Since, as we have already established, Koreans are driven by their love of aesthetics and clear, strict definitions of beauty, the ‘barbie nose rhinoplasty’ is one of the trends that feature heavily in Seoul and the Korean culture.

This surgery aims to create a doll-like nose that has a perfectly angled tip and a natural, smooth bridge. Recovery after such an intrusive procedure takes a while compared to others we have looked at, but the results are astounding. Of course, there are many things you can do to make recovering after this surgery a little easier on you, all of which will be discussed between you, family members and your chosen surgeon.

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As you may imagine, there are a wide range of K-Beauty plastic surgery trends circulating the globe that are not mentioned here. Quite frankly, you’d need a pretty serious list to get through them all! If you’re still curious about the latest trends, feel free to get in touch with us here at the McLean Clinic, where our specialists can advise you on everything that’s been going on with the industry.

November 7, 2019

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