How to Prevent Scarring After Plastic Surgery



How to Prevent Scarring After Plastic Surgery

After you have had surgery, whether it has been done by the best plastic surgeon in Mississauga or not, you will be expecting some type of scarring. Of course, how well the procedure has been performed will determine how “bad” the scarring is.

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We should probably mention here that there are some factors that are out of your control which determine how large your risk of scarring is. These include things like:

Your Age

As you grow older, your skin will undoubtedly become less elastic and increasingly thinner because collagen will change as you age and the layer of fat beneath your skin gets comparably thin. The result of this means that your skin will not be able to “bounce back” as it were, from scarring and heal as well or as quickly as it once did.

There is an upside to this however because the imperfections that are created in older skin can hide scars that could be a far more obvious on younger people.

Your Race

Different races are more likely to form different types of scars. If you are African-American, then you will usually form hypertrophic or keloid scars, while fair-skinned individuals will probably discover that their scars are comparably more obvious.

Genetic Tendencies

Do your parents or brothers and sisters scar easily and/or badly? If so, you will find you do the same. This isn’t always the case, but it is more likely to affect you similarly to your immediate family.

Size and Depth of Incision

The larger the incision, the more probable it is that it will leave a scar behind. Plus, the healing time will increase as the size and depth do too.

The Rate Your Skin Heals

If your skin tends to heal quickly and easily, then you can expect your incisions to do the same, with minimal scarring. However, if your skin heals pretty slowly then you should expect your scar to do that too.

So, now we have all the things that you can’t change out of the way, it is time for everything you can do to help prevent scarring after plastic surgery.


Smoking increases your risk of scarring anyway, not to mention the fact that it slows your healing process dramatically. Because smoking is such a formidable risk, the best plastic surgeons in Mississauga (and around the world) will not operate unless the patient quits fully for a minimum of two weeks before the procedure.


Drinking alcohol dehydrates your whole body, including your skin, which we are sure you have heard before. Therefore, if you are hoping to prevent scarring, you should avoid alcohol completely during the healing process.


Eat a diet that focuses on increased protein intake as this is the baseline for the skin to heal so this is a vital part of the process. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can still acquire adequate protein from soy products.


Dehydration can cause your overall health to worsen which will decrease the rate at which your scars will heal and the quality of how they will heal. The lesson is — drink enough fluids!


People who struggle with obesity or being overweight have a bigger risk of scarring. This is because the excess fat that is under the skin can “fight” your surgeon’s efforts to close the incision perfectly.


The doctor really knows best here. If they tell you that you need to have four weeks of rest, have four weeks of rest, no matter what. Tiring yourself out by going back to work or day-to-day life too quickly will slow your healing process and can make your scarring a lot worse.

Wound Care

Quite frankly, whatever your surgeon suggests you should do to take care of your scar after surgery, is exactly what you should do. He or she knows what is best for you, the type of procedure you underwent and the measures you should take to prevent education.

Stop yourself from using any ointments that your doctor has not suggested or given you because this will only inhibit your scar’s process.

Sunlight Exposure

If at all possible, avoid the sun shining directly onto your incision. However, if the scarring is on your face, apply a really good, high factor sun cream to it. Make sure you do not apply anything until your surgeon says that it is okay to do so, otherwise you will damage your skin further.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Mississauga

Even the best plastic surgeon in Mississauga cannot guarantee that you will heal fantastically well, but, with a little help and self-love, there is no reason why you can’t give it your best shot. If you have any other questions, send us a message here at the McLean Clinic, and we’ll do our best to help you out with your particular situation.

November 14, 2019

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