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Depending on the type of results you’re looking for, breast surgery can be divided into three types of procedures:

Breast Augmentation

Undoubtedly one of the most popular surgical procedures, breast augmentation is recommended to those looking to shape, enlarge and improve the symmetry of their breasts. While there are a variety of reasons why women choose to do this procedure, we typically notice women seeking out this treatment after pregnancy or significant weight loss. When it comes to implants, McLean Clinic offers both saline and silicone. Saline breast implants have a very durable shell filled with a salt-water (saline) solution, similar to the fluid that already exists in our bodies. The results are typically firmer compared to silicone implants, which mimic the consistency of regular breasts.

Breast Reduction

When breasts are too large for a woman’s frame, it can deeply impact their quality of life by causing excessive back pain, neck pain, bra discomfort, skin irritation and more. Breast reduction looks to surgically remove the excess breast tissue into a smaller and more manageable size, as well as reshape and lift the breasts so it all looks for proportioned to the body.

Breast Lift

The way a woman’s breasts sit on the body varies from person to person. Age, pregnancy, weight loss and genetics all play a huge part. When the skin isn’t strong enough to carry the weight of your breasts, they tend to sag and hang lower on the body, which can greatly affect a woman’s self-confidence. For women looking to give their breasts a natural lift for a perkier and youthful look, this popular procedure is definitely one to consider. The procedure restores the breasts by tightening them, repositioning the low nipples, and giving them a more rounded shape. This procedure is sometimes paired with breast augmentation if the natural breasts don’t have enough tissue to achieve a round, full look.


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