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Reverse the signs of aging with McLean Clinic’s Facial Treatments

Your face is the first thing people see, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular areas to target for cosmetic procedures. If you feel like the years have suddenly caught up with you, now would be a good time to consider a cosmetic enhancement. From wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, scarring, and loose skin, there are a variety of procedures that can help shed years off your face and restore a youthful look. On the other hand, you may be feeling insecure or embarrassed about a particular facial feature. If that’s the case,  there are a number of treatments that can help improve those target areas as well! No matter what the reason, our goal is to help you look and feel your best by providing results that are both youthful and natural.

At McLean Clinic, we understand you may have questions and concerns around certain face procedures. With your comfort being our top priority, our team goes through a thorough consultation process which allows us to walk you through the procedures, go over what your aesthetic desires are and based on that, see if the surgical or non-surgical route is best for you.  We understand you want to put your best face forward. Our team at McLean Clinic is here to make the process as painless and effortless as possible.


Depending on what you want done and the desired results you’re looking for, a surgical face procedure might be the best option for you. This is recommended to clients who are looking for dramatic and long lasting results that cannot be promised through non-surgical treatments. Recovery times tend to be much longer, but thanks to advancements in the cosmetic industry, surgical techniques and procedures have improved greatly over the years which has improved recovery times and limited scarring and discomfort.


There’s a lot that can be done without going under the knife. Non-surgical procedures are ideal for clients looking to make slight improvements on their face with close to zero recovery time. Non-surgical procedures are recommended to those looking to soften the effects of aging, work on eliminating wrinkles and tightening up certain areas of the face so it looks firm and rejuvenated.


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