McLean Power Facial


McLean Power Facial

The Ultimate Power Facial In Mississauga

Combining the power of five different revolutionary cosmetic technologies, the McLean Power Facial can takes years off your appearance in a single session.

What Is The McLean Power Facial?

The McLean Clinic’s signature Power Facial is the revolutionary, next-generation medi-facial. The powerful effects of combining 5 different non-invasive techniques will provide your facial complexion with an instant glow, tighten and shrink the size of our pores, and make your skin soft and firm to the touch. Using a multi-step process, you will achieve healthy looking, rejuvenated skin with results that last longer and provides more powerful anti-aging benefits than your typical facial would. Even Kim Kardashian favours the Power facial when seeking immediate results with zero downtime.

What Areas Can Be Treated With The McLean Power Facial?

The McLean Power Facial targets hyperpigmentation, under eye bags and circles, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, blotchiness, and large pores. It smoothes and tightens the skin, including the face and neck, and will take years off your facial complexion by providing you with an iridescent glow and a radiant skin tone. The Power Facial eliminates the need to go under the knife, and is painless with virtually no side effects, or risk.

How Do I Prepare For A McLean Power Facial?

For patients who desire immediate results or have a special event to attend the same day, the Power Facial is one of the best ways to prep your skin. If you suffer from acne or acne breakouts, or have any kind of facial sagging, under eye bags and circles, neck jowls, or a double chin, the Power Facial will be a great way to address those skin concerns. If you have a special event coming up where there will be lots of photography, such as a wedding, gala, or reunion where you want to look your very best, the Power Facial will give you the dramatically revitalized appearance that you seek almost instantaneously. Within a single session, you will see a vast improvement in the skin’s superficial imperfections in addition to the deeper wrinkles and sagging associated with aging.

How Does A McLean Power Facial Work?

The Power Facial is a multi-step process, which starts with a double cleanse. The first cleanse will remove any surface debris and makeup from the surface of the skin, while the second one will clean out the pores and remove remaining traces of oil, debris, and makeup. Microdermabrasion will remove the layer of dead skin cells and clogged pores, while the Radio Frequency and Ultrasound will lift and firm the skin, Lastly the LED light and collagen mask applied towards the end of the facial will brighten, calm, and hydrate the skin, taking your skin to its best self yet.

What Results Can I Expect From A McLean Power Facial?

The Power Facial at McLean Clinic is perfect for clients who want to see immediate results and achieve radiant skin within a short period of time. You will notice that your skin will be fresh, clean, and deeply hydrated after your treatment. This is the perfect facial to boost your complexion and works for all skin types and conditions for an instant glow. It works great for tired skin after travelling for long periods of time or if you are preparing for an event and need an instant pick me up. At McLean Clinic, the Power Facial will include a double cleanser, a Lactic/Mandelic acid application, and an Omnilux light therapy treatment.

The dramatic effects of the Power Facial will give you results within a single session, making it perfect as a pre-event pick-me-up. You will see long lasting results over months with its ability to target uneven skin and boost collagen production. If you would like to further supplement and prolong its effects, we recommend a series of 2-3 sittings, after which results will be long-term. You may wish to prolong its anti-aging properties and abilities by coming in periodically for touch ups, which will be helpful in the maintenance of your results.

McLean Power Facial Aftercare and Recovery

The Power Facial is an extremely safe and effective facial treatment option that will provide you with instantaneous results with virtually zero downtime. Though your facial complexion may appear slightly flushed immediately after your treatment, it will fade and resolve on its own within a few hours. We recommend wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to protect the fragile new skin that has resurfaced after the facial. We also recommend avoiding additional exfoliation, such as acid or retinol treatments, for a few days to avoid over exfoliating and sensitizing the skin.

Potential Complications With McLean Power Facial

During your Power Facial session, your skin will be exposed to a combination of both physical and chemical exfoliants, which are highly effective ingredients to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring in the skin. It works by gently removing the outermost layers of the skin that house dead skin cells, which reveals the newer, younger, healthier skin underneath. If you are particularly sensitive to acids or exfoliants, or if you have never used these ingredients before, you may experience some skin dryness a few days after your session. Be sure to use a gentle facial moisturizer without fragrance or alcohols everyday to combat this. You will also benefit from avoiding sun exposure for a few days after your session, as the UV rays can further increase your symptoms.

McLean Power Facial Myths and Facts

While some may not see the benefits behind getting a facial, the Power Facial is highly effective due to the dramatic results that it produces after a single session. Depending on the results that you desire, Power Facials require almost no maintenance after the fact and provide long-term benefits, other than a few touch ups when you feel like you need an extra boost. Furthermore, the combination of techniques and technologies associated with the Power Facial will improve the condition, vitality, health, and strength of your skin


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