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MiraDry Treatment

MiraDry Treatment

What is Dr. McLean’s miraDry® treatment?

MiraDry® is a 3 in 1 treatment, that uses miraWave technology, to permanently reduce sweat, odor and underarm hair.

But don’t I need these sweat glands?

You do need to sweat but not in your armpits! Your body has approximately 2 million sweat glands and your underarms hold only about 2% of those glands. With Dr. McLean’s miraDry® you will still continue to sweat elsewhere without the bad, smelly sweat in the underarm area.

What will the treatment be like?

You will be in a very comfortable position, lying down for about one hour. Your underarms are numbed before your procedure so you probably won’t feel anything during the treatment. After treatment, you may experience some mild swelling, tenderness, tingling and numbness under your arms. This sometimes takes a few days to a few weeks to go away.

How does this treatment work?

The amazing miraWave technology will heat and destroy your sweat glands, odor glands and hair follicles for permanent results. It is different from other lasers because the miraWave is colorblind. This means that it doesn’t rely on hair color to work – which is what makes this procedure so incredible. The hair follicles that are located in the area where we treat, will be destroyed regardless of color or hair growth stage. The sweat and odor glands are located in the area we are delivering energy so those also are destroyed.

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