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VIEW Lifestyle Magazine – November 2009

McLean Clinic: Changing The Face of Cosmetic Surgery

By Harriet Ann Dy

On her 50th birthday, Anne Bowen decided to give herself something she’s always wanted: better facial contour.

"My jowl was getting heavier, and having a lower facelift done was something I’ve wanted for many years," says Bowen, owner of the Brampton-based Fabulous and Frugal, an interior decorating and home-staging company. She knew whom to look for to get the procedure done: Dr. Hugh McLean at the McLean Clinic in Mississauga. She had seen how fabulous her sister looked after she had her facelift at the same clinic last year, and this only hastened Bowen’s decision to have her own procedure done. “There was never any question as to who was going to do it; it was just a question of when,” she says.

A certified plastic surgery specialist by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons Inc., Dr. McLean opened his eponymous clinic in 1998. The facility offers a range of aesthetic services and cosmetic solutions, with special expertise on facelift, breast enhancement and body sculpting, all three of which Dr. McLean has a strong reputation for.

"Over the years, cosmetic surgery to enhance appearance has become increasingly more accepted," he says. "Everyone realizes that when they look good, they feel good about themselves."

After giving birth to three kids, Sandra, a working mother of three, always knew she wanted to get her tummy tucked. "It was wrecked, and I had many stretch marks, and stretched skin hanging over my tummy," she recalls. She interviewed four surgeons before deciding on having it done by Dr. McLean. "He explained the procedure and probable outcome the best," she says. "He answered my questions before they became questions."

Some of the most common questions heard by Dr. McLean include: Can this really work for me? Is it safe? Will I still look like myself?

"You have to be able to answer yes to these three questions," he says. "Will the procedure the person is interested in really make a positive difference? Is the person realistic in what they hope to achieve? Is it safe for them, for example, are they in good health?"

For Bowen and Sandra, cosmetic surgery provided the finishing touch to their healthy lifestyles. Both had their surgeries done earlier this year. They are very happy with the results and the quality of professional care they’ve received with Dr. McLean and his staff. Aside from personally receiving roses from the doctor post-op, both got calls from Dr. McLean himself checking up on them. “My girlfriend, who had a procedure at another facility, was very surprised I could contact his staff 24/7 after I had my operation," says Sandra.

In her thank you letter to Dr. McLean, Bowen marvels at the precision and natural-looking results of her facelift. People have asked her if she has lost weight, and have complimented her on her fresh new look. "I look a better and energized me,” she gushes. “How fabulous is that?”

Dr. Hugh McLean is certified as a specialist in plastic surgery by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons in Canada and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Inc. Dr. McLean’s areas of special interest and expertise are facelift, breast enhancement and body sculpting with an emphasis on the 3-Day Facelift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. He has operated his accredited private cosmetic surgery clinic for over 20 years.

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