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ProFractional – Laser Resurfacing

ProFractional – Laser Resurfacing

What Is ProFractional Therapy?

Many of us associate the term “laser resurfacing” with pain, redness and significant downtime. At McLean Clinic this is no longer the case. ProFractional Therapy is a quick and comfortable laser procedure that can be used on all skin types to dramatically improve wrinkles, scars and sun-damaged skin. It is different from photorejuvenation because it uses fractional resurfacing technology. Unlike older resurfacing systems, ProFractional emits a tiny laser beam that treats thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin. The result is a glowing complexion with little downtime.

One treatment will definitely improve you skin’s texture and tone. Most often we recommend 2 to 4 treatments for best results. Immediately after your treatment you may feel like you have a slight sunburn. You can apply makeup and get back to work 1 to 2 days after the treatment. Profractional can be used to treat your face and neck or other areas such as your chest and hands. The procedure takes 30 minutes and is performed in the privacy of our Mississauga cosmetic clinic.

Who Can Benefit from ProFractional Therapy?

When it comes to our skin, the mirror can be our worst enemy. Almost anyone can benefit from ProFractioanl Therapy. This versatile resurfacing laser improves a wide variety of skin conditions and addresses many of your concerns.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Post-traumatic scars
  • Birthmarks and age spots
  • Sun damage and freckles
  • Acne scarring
  • Skin tightening
  • Enlarged pores

ProFractional Therapy is suitable for all skin types.

What Does ProFractional Therapy Cost?

Improving your skin’s health can involve a variety of approaches. During your complimentary consultation, our Skin Care Specialist will design an individual skin rejuvenating program tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. ProFractional can be performed as a single treatment and is most effective in a series of 2 to 4 sessions scheduled three to four weeks apart. Cost-effective packages are available. To learn more about ProFractional Therapy call us at 905-273-4888 or request an appointment to book your free consultation.

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