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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

What It Is

Pregnancy, nursing, and weight changes are often hard on a woman’s breasts. The tissues can only be stretched so much before they loosen and the breasts sag. Those who want to regain more perky, youthful breasts are a candidate for a breast lift, a very popular procedure.

A breast lift also called mastopexy, restores the breasts by tightening them, repositioning the low nipples, and giving an improved shape and firmness. The “lollipop” procedure is most frequently used by Dr. McLean. This name refers to the resulting scar which is shaped like a lollipop, running vertically up from the centre of the breast to the nipple which it then circles.
A breast lift definitely enhances the appearance of the breasts giving you a more youthful silhouette. You will find that your clothes and bras fit much better, boosting your self-confidence.

A breast lift restores the look of perkier breasts by enhancing the breast shape to make it appear rounder instead of the usual elongated appearance. As the soft breast tissue is moved to the upper region, the upper breast will appear fuller and contribute to a rounder shape. Low nipples are repositioned to the centre of the breast and the shape of the areolas are made smaller. Areolas can stretch as a result of drooping, which is why they are occasionally reshaped during this procedure.

Treatment Areas

The techniques utilized by Dr. McLean during a mastopexy procedure is intended to elevate the breast to place them higher on the chest, to build a rounder breast shape and size, to reposition low nipples, and to reduce the size of large areolas as the result of drooping.

How to Prepare

Getting prepared for a breast lift procedure will begin with a consultation with the team at McLean Clinic. This will include a physical assessment of your general health and a review of your medical history before determining your candidacy for this procedure. Your questions and concerns will be addressed personally by Dr. McLean and his team during an in-depth consultation. We ensure to take as much time as needed to answer all your questions and concerns, and we walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect. It is crucial that patients have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished with a breast lift procedure.

Patients who smoke are advised to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before and after their procedure, as it can impede the healing process. Breastfeeding and pregnant patients should also wait 4 to 8 weeks after breastfeeding before undergoing this procedure to ensure an accurate assessment of the final breast size is determined.

The cost of breast lift varies according to what you and Dr. McLean determine is required to give you the look you want with the best results.

How It Works

The breast lift procedure is performed by removing excess breast tissue and stretched skin as a result of drooping. Then, the breast will be re-shaped so that it appears fuller and rounder by re-structuring the breast tissue internally. Next, low nipples are repositioned and raised to a higher level proportional to the size and shape of the breast. The nipples will remain attached to the breast tissue so that nerves are not damaged and thus, the sensation can be preserved. The areolas may also be reshaped and reduced in size in proportion to the size of the breasts.

The McLean Clinic specializes in treating those who want to enhance their appearance. Our procedures are performed on a same-day basis in our private Mississauga cosmetic clinic so you can relax at home afterward.


A breast lift, or a mastopexy, aims to lift drooping breasts as a result of aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations. This will enhance the contour of your chest to improve the shape and fullness of your chest, changing your figure by giving you a perkier profile. The breasts will sit evenly and look fuller and circular rather than cylindrical or elongated. The nipples will also be repositioned to point upwards and reduced in size, which can restore your confidence and complement the shape of your enhanced breasts.

Breast lifts go well together with breast augmentation. Sagging breasts have often lost volume. If that is the case, a lift may not be enough to make you happy. Adding an implant can restore your former size or even exceed it, if you like, to further improve your appearance. Breast lifts may also go well with tummy tucks to tighten your loose abdomen and result in a full “Mommy Makeover”. Although results from a breast lift are usually permanent, additional weight gain or aging may cause them to sag again.

Aftercare and Recovery

You are usually quite comfortable after a breast lift and can leave the clinic an hour or so after you wake. There are no complicated dressings or tubes and any stitches will dissolve. We like to see you the following day to make sure your needs are met and that all is well. Many patients are able to return to work after 1 to 2 weeks and can resume normal, light physical activities such as walking during this time. Strenuous activity such as aerobics, weight lifting, jogging, yoga, and pilates may be resumed 4 to 6 weeks after your procedure.

It may take 1 to 3 months for your breasts to fully settle, which is when they will look the most natural in shape, size, and position on your body. Follow up appointments will be scheduled to ensure your progress and recovery is going well.

Potential Complications

All surgeries run the risk of potential complications. For an overview of risks and concerns associated with surgery, please click here. Dr. McLean will provide a thorough review of the risk factors associated with a breast lift and mastopexy during your personal consultation. The best way to avoid potential complications is to follow all your pre and post-operative instructions provided to you by the McLean Clinic team.

Myths and Facts

Patients who may be considering a breast lift can often confuse the procedure with a breast augmentation. Although both procedures are related, a breast augmentation will enhance the size of the breast while a breast lift will raise drooping breasts to an ideal position on the chest. Both procedures are often combined to gain both benefits and can also reduce recovery time and save on costs!

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