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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Who Would Want A Breast Lift?

Pregnancy, nursing, and weight changes are often hard on a woman’s breasts. The tissues can only be stretched so much before they loosen and the breasts sag. Those who want to regain more perky, youthful breasts are a candidate for a breast lift, a very popular procedure.

What Will Breast Lift Do For Me?

A breast lift, also called mastopexy, restores the breasts by tightening them, repositioning the low nipples, and giving an improved shape and firmness. The “lollipop” procedure is most frequently used by Dr. McLean. This name refers to the resulting scar which is shaped like a lollipop, running vertically up from the centre of the breast to the nipple which it then circles.

A breast lift definitely enhances the appearance of the breasts giving you a more youthful silhouette. You will find that your clothes and bras fit much better, boosting your self-confidence.

How Easy is Having A Breast Lift?

The McLean Clinic specializes in treating those who want to enhance their appearance. Our procedures are performed on a same day basis in our private Mississauga cosmetic clinic so you can relax at home afterward. You are usually quite comfortable after a breast lift and can leave the clinic an hour or so after you wake. There are no complicated dressings or tubes and any stitches will dissolve. We like to see you the following day to make sure your needs are met and that all is well. Usually you can return to work within a week or two and resume normal physical activities such as exercise a few weeks later.

Is There Any Downside to a Breast Lift?

All surgeries run the risk of potential complications. For an overview of risks and concerns associated with surgery, please click here. Dr. McLean will provide a thorough review of the risk factors that are specific to you and your chosen procedure.

What Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The cost of breast augmentation varies according to what you and Dr. McLean determine is required to give you the look you want with the best results. Your questions and concerns will be addressed personally by Dr. McLean and his team during an in-depth consultation.

How Can I Make My Breast Lift Even Better?

Breast lifts go well together with breast augmentation. Sagging breasts have often lost volume. If that is the case, a lift may not be enough to make you happy. Adding an implant can restore your former size or even exceed it, if you like, to further improve your appearance. Breast lifts may also go well with tummy tucks to tighten your loose abdomen and result in a full “Mommy Makeover”.

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