FTM Top Surgery


FTM Top Surgery

Get The Masculine Chest You Have Always Wanted With FTM Top Surgery In Mississauga

A masculine chest shape and appearance is possible with the expert FTM Top Surgery available at McLean Clinic.

What Is FTM Top Surgery?

Chest masculinization is requested by those who find that feminine breasts do not suit their perception of themselves. If you are transgender, gender fluid, or identify elsewhere in the spectrum of those who are uncomfortable with their breasts, you may want to consider top surgery.

For individuals who would like to change the size, shape, and overall appearance of their chest, top surgery is a solution. This surgery helps individuals achieve a flatter, more masculine appearing chest through the removal of breast tissue. This contours the chest to reflect a flatter, male appearance.

What Areas Can Be Treated With FTM Top Surgery?

FTM Top Surgery is designed to remove breast tissue and create a flatter, masculine appearing chest. There are 2 most common surgical techniques that can be used to achieve this: a “double incision” and “keyhole or periareolar”. Regardless of which technique is used, the aim is the same: to help your body conform to your self-image. No procedure is able to assure that sensation is retained and the main difference in the procedures is the amount of scarring. People who have top surgery often say that they are finally able to get on with their lives, that they now appear the way they should, and that they are more confident in their role in life.

Who Do I Prepare For FTM Top Surgery?

The McLean Clinic’s philosophy is that the achievement of personal goals should not be hampered by artificial barriers. Whether you want breast implants, breast reduction or chest masculinization, we try to make it easy. You are not required to take testosterone, for example. The procedure is performed in the privacy of our Mississauga cosmetic clinic and you are asleep. Our doctors and nurses have cared for hundreds of people who have had this surgery and are totally familiar with your needs. We do not use drains or tubes for the double incision procedure. We follow your progress carefully. In preparation for your top surgery, we recommend following these general guidelines:

  • Stop smoking: If you smoke, we strongly recommend stopping for at least 3 weeks before and after your surgery. Smoking can negatively impact your recovery process and may result in complications while you heal.
  • Avoid alcohol: Avoid alcohol consumption for 1 week prior to your procedure.
  • Discuss medications with your doctor: Always discuss the type of medication you are taking with your surgeon to ensure they are safe for consumption before and after your surgery.

The cost of top surgery varies according to what you and Dr. McLean determine is required to give you the look you want with the best results. Your questions and concerns will be addressed personally by Dr. McLean during an in-depth consultation.



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    How Does FTM Top Surgery Work?

    There are various surgical techniques that can be used to achieve a flatter, more masculine looking chest. At McLean Clinic, the most common techniques are called double incision, periareolar, and keyhole.

    Double Incision Mastectomy

    The double incision mastectomy is a procedure specially designed for individuals with large, overhanging breasts. In this procedure, all breast tissue is removed and the nipple is removed, resized, and re-positioned on the chest to match that of a masculine one. The drawbacks associated with this technique is the scar as well as decreased nipple sensation.

    Keyhole/Periareolar Top Surgery

    The keyhole/periareolar top surgery is the most ideal for individuals who have very small chests and tight skin in their chest area. This technique will not require the removal of excess skin. Nipple sensation will also be preserved, however, the nipple will not be repositioned. This technique will also leave you with less significant, less visible scarring.


    What Results Can I Expect From FTM Top Surgery?

    Many transmen report experiencing decreased gender dysphoria and are extremely happy with their decision to get top surgery. Not only will you gain greater levels of comfort with your body, but you will also experience an increased sense of self-confidence while you complete this step in your transition.

    At McLean Clinic, we understand that for transmen, this is more than just a surgery. For many, this surgery is a necessary step in order to better align your internal sense of self with your physical characteristics, as well as the self that you present to the world. This can be an emotional process, even if you know with certainty that it is something you want and need. Because of the personal nature involved with a FTM Top Surgery, it is very important to find a surgeon, such as Dr. McLean, who has an understanding of the psychological impacts involved with top surgery on a person’s overall well-being and lifestyle.

    Those who want a masculine appearance may choose to combine other procedures with top surgery. Liposuction, for example, can remove some unwanted curves.

    FTM Top Surgery Aftercare and Recovery

    Recovery time for patients who has FTM Top Surgery can vary immensely from person to person. Generally, many are able to return to work or school approximately 2 weeks after their procedure.

    It is normal to experience swelling and bruising after your procedure, but the extent at which this occurs can vary. Ice packs can be applied to assist with decreasing the inflammation and help manage pain. Generally, swelling decreases after 2 to 3 weeks.

    If you have nipple graft dressings, they are removed after a minimum of seven days. You may bath or shower, as long as the graft dressings are kept dry. We will supply you with the materials you need for dressings, and show you a simple way to use them.

    Potential Complications With FTM Top Surgery

    All surgeries run the risk of potential complications. For an overview of risks and concerns associated with surgery, please click here. Dr. McLean will provide a thorough review of the risk factors that are specific to you and your chosen procedure.

    As with any other surgical procedure, risks and potential complications associated with FTM top surgery include infection, blood clots, or reactions to anaesthesia.

    Potential complications specific to FTM top surgery include visible scarring, loss of/reduced sensation in the nipples, or the possibility of needing revisions or additional surgery to obtain your desired results.

    FTM Top Surgery Myths and Facts

    There is a common misconception that FTM top surgery eliminates the risk of breast cancer, especially when it comes to the double incision mastectomy. While having top surgery greatly lower your risk of developing breast cancer, top surgery does not remove all breast tissue. Because of this, you should be checking for breast cancer on a routine basis with your primary care physician.

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