Ear Surgery


Ear Surgery

Get The Ears You Have Always Wanted With Ear Surgery In Mississauga

Stop being embarrassed of your ears and boost your self confidence with ear surgery at McLean Clinic.

What Is Ear Surgery?

Some of us are born with facial features that we aren’t very fond of. Protruding ears are can be a source of embarrassment for some people. If your ears are causing you emotional discomfort, then you would be a candidate for ear surgery.

For some individuals, genetics and trauma can result in the deformation of ears. The folds that surround the ear may fail to develop normally, which will result in the projection of the ears outward from the side of the head. Others may have excess cartilage, which can cause the ears to excessively stick out. Because each ear develops independently, some patients may require ear surgery on only one ear, while others may need both ears operated on in order to restore visual balance to the facial region.

Otoplasty, or ear reshaping, is a surgical procedure that will cosmetically correct the shape of the ears. Otoplasty is performed under local or general anaesthetic, and many patients are able to return home on the day of surgery. Most can return to their normal activities within a week.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty, or surgery to correct protruding ears, can be performed at almost any age, so it is never too late! Dr. McLean will reshape your ears so that they are placed closer to your head. The incisions are placed behind the ears so that the scars are well hidden. Ear surgery will renew your self- confidence.

How Do I Prepare For Ear Surgery?

To best prepare for your surgery, you should avoid taking an anti-inflammatory medication such as Aspirin and Advil as it can lead to increased bleeding and bruising.

The cost of ear surgery varies according to what you and Dr. McLean determine is required to give you the look you want with the best results. Your questions and concerns will be addressed personally by Dr. McLean and his team during an in-depth consultation.


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    How Does Ear Surgery Work?

    Otoplasty can be performed comfortably and safely in the privacy of our Mississauga cosmetic clinic. You will be asleep for the entire procedure. A well-hidden incision will be made in the skin behind the ear where it connects to the skull. The cartilage will be reshaped and pulled back closer to the head and secured in a new position with sutures. The incision will then be carefully stitched. You will wake in the care of a kindly and expert nurse who assists you to prepare to go home.

    Your scars are well hidden in the natural folds and contours of your ears, and will not be very visible due to its location.

    What Results Can I Expect From Ear Surgery?

    The McLean Clinic team perform otoplasty and ear surgery to make cosmetic changes and enhancements to one or both of your ears, depending on what your needs are. This procedure can correct the size of large ears, create symmetry and balance between both ears, and pin protruding ears closer to the side of the head.

    If there are other areas of concern that you’d like addressed during your ear surgery, facial procedures such as eye lid surgery or body contouring such as liposuction can be performed during the same surgical visit.

    Ear Surgery Aftercare and Recovery

    Immediately after your surgery, you will likely experience discomfort, which can be addressed with pain medication. Ensure you follow the post-op instructions provided to you by the McLean Clinic team to ensure your recovery process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

    A gauze bandage will be applied and should be worn for a week after surgery to ensure that the ears heal in their new position. Avoid sleeping on the sides of your head– it is best to sleep with a raised head as it will assist in the reduction of swelling.

    You will be able to return to work and/or school within a week. Sports and activities that may affect the ears should be avoided for up to 6 weeks. You should be fully recovered after a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Once you have recovered, you will be able to enjoy your new, “normal” looking ears.

    Potential Complications With Ear Surgery

    All surgeries run the risk of potential complications. For an overview of risks and concerns associated with surgery, please click here. Dr. McLean will provide a thorough review of the risk factors that are specific to you and your chosen procedure.

    The McLean Clinic team takes great care to ensure your operation goes as smoothly as possible, especially since the ears and cartilage are so delicate. Potential complications are rare but may include infection, blood clots, asymmetry, or reactions to anaesthesia. Patients who smoke, have poor circulation, or are diabetic are at a higher risk.

    Ear Surgery Myths and Facts

    Patients may believe that ear surgery can only be done for adult patients or only done on children. As a matter of fact, it can be performed at any age! However, ear surgery is actually the most effective when performed on children. This is because of the pliability of bones and cartilage at a younger age, which is easier to shape. For patients over the age of 18 and who continue to be bothered by prominent ears, the McLean Clinic team is here to help you.

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