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Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid Surgery

Get Youthful, Refreshed Looking Eyes With Eyelid Surgery In Mississauga

Get rid of excess overhang and puffiness with expertly executed eyelid surgery at McLean Clinic.

What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, is a very popular procedure performed around the world for both men and women. If you find that you still look tired after a full night’s sleep, or if you look in a mirror and see too much fullness of the upper lid area or hanging skin, you are certain to benefit from an eyelid lift. Eyelid surgery is beneficial to those who would like to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce puffy eye bags, and remove the heaviness of the eyelid. This results in a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Eyelid Surgery?

After your eyelid lift, you can see more defined upper lid areas and wear eyelid makeup more effectively. Lower eyelids will appear smoother with fewer lines. As a result, you will look more rested and refreshed. Depending on your problem areas, which is the surgery option that addresses both the lower and upper eyelids, or simply have either a lower or upper eyelid blepharoplasty performed depending on your area of concern.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of this procedure, blepharoplasty has benefits beyond this. Eyelid surgery can be performed for practical reasons too, such as heavy, drooping eyelids that lead to vision impairments. Patients who have their vision impaired by loose skin on the upper or lower eyelids will need a functional blepharoplasty completed in order to restore complete peripheral vision. This procedure has been specially designed to improve vision or to allow patients to be able to wear contact lenses or glasses again. Even if enhancing cosmetic appearance is not the end goal, your results will make you appear refreshed and more youthful.

How Do I Prepare For Eyelid Surgery?

In preparation for your eyelid surgery you may be asked to stop smoking a few days prior to the procedure. We also recommend patients to avoid taking aspirin or other inflammatory medications as they can increase the amount of bleeding and bruising after the procedure. Patients will be allowed to return home on the same day following their surgery, so be sure to arrange for a friend or family member to take you to and from surgery.



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    How Does Eyelid Surgery Work?

    Eye Lid Surgery is performed in the comfort of Dr. McLean’s private facility in Mississauga. The procedure itself is performed under local or general anaesthesia. In the upper lids, the incisions are hidden in the eyes’ natural creases. In the lower lids, they discreetly appear in the shadow of the eyelashes. Stitches can be removed after only a few days. You can begin wearing makeup after a few days and return to non-physical work as early as a week.

    The cost of an Eye Lid Surgery varies according to what you and Dr. McLean determine is required to give you the look you want with the best results. Your questions and concerns will be addressed personally by Dr. McLean during an in-depth consultation.


    What Results Can I Expect From Eyelid Surgery?

    Eyes are often the first place to show signs of aging. The inevitable aging process, sun exposure, and stress can exacerbate the changes to your eyes that can make you look older and more tired than you really are. Eyelid surgery is a great option to those who would like to reduce the appearance of a heavy wrinkled eyelid, puffy under eye bags, and loose skin surrounding the eye area for a fresh, rejuvenation appearance. At McLean Clinic, we offer free consultations where you will discuss the options that work best for you with Dr. McLean in the privacy of his office. Once this has been done, we will work with you to develop a fully customized action plan to get you feeling like the best version of yourself.

    Eyelid surgery is not designed to address the outer corners of the eyes, or where crow’s feet tend to form. A blepharoplasty procedure will especially benefit those who have excess skin and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. The upper eye area can be affected and weighed down by the eyebrows pushing the skin down toward the eye. Because of this, a brow lift (forehead lift) can further enhance the look of the eyes and of the “crow’s foot” area beside the eyes, which will compliment this procedure very well. Fillers may help the lower lid area to improve hollow areas or hide bags. Our Lines & Wrinkles Treatment enhances the eye area by lessening crow’s feet and other lines, lifting the brows, or correcting the frown lines. Face lifts can help you achieve total facial rejuvenation.

    Eyelid Surgery Aftercare and Recovery

    Through the healing process, many patients apply a cold compress to the treated area and find that most of the bruising and swelling resolves on its own within 1 week.

    Within the first few days, it is important to allow your body to rest and heal. In order to avoid increased swelling, it is important to keep your head elevated when lying down or sleeping. Patients who do this report a quicker healing process.

    For the following few weeks afterwards, the scars from the surgery will continue to heal and lighten along the way. For the majority of our patients at McLean Clinic, they will become almost invisible as they are hidden in the natural creases of the eyes or in the shadow of your eyelashes.

    Potential Complications With Eyelid Surgery

    All surgeries run the risk of potential complications. You may experience mild to moderate pain or discomfort afterwards, which can be alleviated with pain medication. Swelling, redness, itching, and a feeling of tightness is also to be expected, and should resolve as the healing process continues.

    For an overview of risks and concerns associated with surgery, please click here. Dr. McLean will provide a thorough review of the risk factors that are specific to you and your chosen procedure during your consultation.

    Eyelid Surgery Myths and Facts

    While most patients who undergo eyelid surgery are over the age of 35, there is no standard age requirement to undergo blepharoplasty. This is because aging signs typically begin to show around this time and many patients would like to correct this area sooner rather than waiting until later.

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