Facelift Cosmetic Surgery


Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

Take Years Off Your Appearance With A Facelift In Mississauga

McLean Clinic specializes in performing state of the art facelifts with natural looking results and minimal downtime.

What Is A Facelift?

As we age, the natural effects of sun exposure, stress of everyday life, and gravity can be reflected on our facial complexion. A facelift, or a rhytidectomy, at McLean Clinic can help reverse the aging process to help give you a rejuvenated, younger appearance. It works to restore a refreshed look by tightening the underlying muscles on the face and redraping the skin to reduce the appearance of the deep wrinkles that form between the nose and mouth, and tightens the loose skin on the neck and jawline.

When you look into a mirror, you may see a loose neck, cheeks with jowls or deepening lines and wrinkles. Some people say they have only noticed such changes recently or that they came on gradually. Some say they look in the mirror and see a parent or grandparent staring back at them. If any of this is you, whether your facial aging is mild or advanced, you are probably a candidate for a face lift at the McLean Clinic in Mississauga.

What Areas Can Be Treated With A Facelift?

Plastic surgeons think of a facelift as a procedure to treat looseness and aging in the cheeks, jowls and neck. You can expect a facelift to smooth out the jaw line, get rid of jowls, tighten the cheeks, improve the lines between the nose, mouth and chin, and to tighten and smooth a loose neck. The person in the mirror should still look like you, but you should be a lot happier with the image you see! People who have facelifts look more youthful, fresh, and generally feel more confident and happy with the appearance they present to the world, their children, and their friends.

How Do I Prepare For A Facelift?

Your facelift procedure will begin with a private consultation with Dr. McLean where we get to know your needs and desired results. Due to the individualistic nature of a facelift, we make sure to listen to you to ensure we are understanding and can work with your ideal end results. This consultation will include a physical examination, where Dr. McLean will evaluate your skin, its bone structure, and will examine your medical history.

Dr. McLean will spend as much time as you need to ensure your questions are being answered and will make sure that you are both on the same page with your end goals. Because it’s not always possible to meet your each and every desire with surgery, we encourage you to talk about your end goals with Dr. McLean, a leading cosmetic surgeon, so we can listen closely, let you know what to expect, and help you understand realistic outcomes of the facelift procedure.

Dr. McLean will also inform you on best practices to prepare for your surgery in order to achieve the best results. This will include guidelines on what to eat, drink, and recommended vitamins or medications. We advise smokers to stop smoking for at least 1 month prior to surgery and for 1 month post-surgery, as smoking will decrease circulation and negatively impact the speed of the healing process.


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    How Does A Facelift Work?

    At the McLean Clinic in Mississauga, our aim is to make it as easy as possible to look good. Facelifts are performed in the comfort of our private cosmetic facility where we have tried to simplify your experience. For example, with our typical facelift, clients go to their own homes after their procedure without bandages and without drains or tubes to remove. There are no removable stitches in their well-hidden incisions. They can wash and style their hair and apply light makeup the next morning. Their procedure is accomplished while they sleep peacefully in the care of our expert anaesthesiologists who make sure that their patients wake comfortably in the privacy of the recovery area.

    The McLean Clinic Three Day Face Lift makes it even easier! The procedure is designed to reduce the time it will take to be presentable afterward. It is not a “mini” lift, but uses techniques to reduce bruising and speed recovery.

    The cost of a facelift varies according to what you and Dr. McLean determine is required to give you the look you want with the best results. Your questions and concerns will be addressed personally by Dr. McLean during an in-depth consultation.

    What Results Can I Expect From A Facelift?

    The facelift procedure at McLean Clinic was specially designed to provide you with a youthful, fresh appearance while looking natural and not at all overdone. At McLean Clinic, Dr. McLean is known for his astoundingly natural looking facelift results. If you are suffering from loss of elasticity and volume in the skin, which can result in deep folds, fine lines, and shadows that can make us look a lot older than we really are, a facelift is often the right choice when addressing these advanced aging signs. You will be given excellent, long-lasting results for both men and women alike.

    You may want to enhance the benefits of a facelift by adding a brow (forehead) lift or eyelid surgery. These procedures can “ice the cake” by improving areas not treated by a facelift. While surgery can lift sags and smooth bulges, it does not treat the quality of the skin. The McLean Clinic medical aestheticism can prescribe a program to improve skin health and appearance. This could involve such things as lasers or medical grade skin care. Our Lines & Wrinkles Treatment which includes fillers such as Juvederm can further enhance your results. Lines of the lips (so-called “smoker’s lines”) can be treated with fillers or resurfacing procedures.

    Facelifts are a fantastic way to reverse the signs of aging, however the procedure is not permanent and you will continue to naturally age and show ageng signs as time progresses. Results should last between 5 to 10 years and the procedure can be repeated as our patients do continue to look younger than if they had never received the surgery in the first place.

    Facelift Aftercare and Recovery

    At McLean Clinic, patients who undergo a facelift procedure are able to return to their homes on the same day without bandages or drains and tubes to remove. There are no removable stitches and incisions will be well-hidden in the natural contours of the face. The next morning, you will be able to apply light makeup and wash and style their hair. Significant levels of discomfort after a facelift surgery is rare, however over the counter pain medication can be taken to reduce discomfort levels.

    We will also provide you with guidelines for resuming your regular activities after your facelift surgery. We generally recommend to avoid strenuous activity, such as heavy lifting, for at least 2 weeks post-procedure. It is very important to get lots of rest in order to allow your body to heal during the recovery process.

    Potential Complications With A Facelift

    All surgeries run the risk of potential complications. For an overview of risks and concerns associated with surgery, please click here.

    When facelifts are performed by a qualified plastic surgeon in the Toronto area, complications are usually minor and infrequent. However, patients vary greatly in their physical reactions and their ability to heal. Potential complications associated with a facelift procedure include infection, poor healing of the skin, and haematoma, a blood collection under the surface of the skin. Dr. McLean will provide a thorough review of the risk factors that are specific to you and your chosen procedure. By following the advice provided to you by Dr. McLean for pre and post-operative recovery, your risks and complications following your surgery will be reduced.

    Facelift Myths and Facts

    Facelifts are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed around the world. There’s a common myth that surrounds the procedure in that they are only for women and for older people.Many factors can play a role in whether a patient will need one sooner, such as genetics, sun exposure throughout the life, as well as general looseness and elasticity in the facial complexion.

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